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Page 16 - We value the opinions of our clients

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Hello Monika!!

I am sorry I have taken so long to respond - I am both moving and changing jobs in the states and have been quite busy since our return!

Our trip was absolutely FANTASTIC! Please allow myself and my brother some time to type out some more formal comments and we'll get those to you shortly. In the meantime, we all had a fabuloous time and saw more of the country in the seven days with our guides and driver than what we would have been able to see on our own.
Our guides (Emilija and Lilija) were truly exceptional and our driver (Raimondos) was a great asset on our trip as well.

I will send more comments from myself and my brother shortly...

Thanks again!
Abby Lozinger
Date of Posting: 15 January 2006
Posted By: Abby Lozinger
Laba diena, Monika:

Our trip to Lithuania was outstanding!!!

Your "Best of Lithuania" package turned out to be everything that we had hoped it would be and more. Everything worked perfectly as planned and both Virginija and Lilija were outstanding tour guides. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of their respective areas was unparalleled.

Also, our driver Arturas was especially helpful during every phase of our trip. He helped me learn a bit more of the language and added valuable insight to many things along the way to Klaipeda and back. He is also a very special person who made our trip a success.

Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference for your agency and the great tour package - "The Best of Lithuania".

We can't wait to return to Lithuania.

Bob Zalner,
"The Best of Lithuania", 22-29 September, 2005
Date of Posting: 29 September 2005
Posted By: Bob Zalner


We certainly found Lithuania to be much different than we expected. What a pleasant surprise to have such a wonderful experience with the history, culture, architecture, scenic parks, great food, first class accommodations, and best of all, the genuine hospitality. We came home with a great appreciation for the country and people from which our ancestors left behind to move to the United States. The progress made since the dreadful times of occupation is miraculous. You have much to be proud of.

We must pass along our highest commendation to Lina, our tour guide for the early part of the visit. She was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, flexible to our interests, and a very caring person. She was simply SPECIAL.

Also, our driver for most of the visit, "T.V." took excellent care of us and our personal needs by stopping for our special requests.

Overall we have described the trip to our family and friends as "wonderful". You can be sure that anytime we have the opportunity we will highly recommend your tour to those who might come to visit. Our only concern is that as the secret of your country gets out so many people may come that you will not be able to give the kind of personal attention that we received.

Helen and Tom Carr
Lithuanian Experience, 09-18 September, 2005
Date of Posting: 18 September 2005
Posted By: Helen and Tom Carr
Rimas - I just wanted to thenk you for helping with my visit. I am so glad I went. The two guides we had , Emilyea and Lilja, were excellent. The driver we had was a lovely young man and a pleasure to work with.
We saw a lot! I now have a sense of your country, it's ways and its' people. While I didn't find any relatives
I did find there were people whose names were so similar to Matutat, which was comforting to me to at last feel this is where my roots were.
Again - Many thanks to you and the Visit Lithuania group. It really made my trip a great one.

Joan Valdes
Lithuanian Experience, 02-11 September, 2005

Date of Posting: 11 September 2005
Posted By: Joan Valdes
Dear Monika,
Our trip to Lithuania was excellent. We were able to do and see so much. Our
two guides Irena and Lilija were very knowledgable and very accomadating and
nice people as well. We learned so much about the country our parents came
from. Our driver Algirdas was great. He was always on time and where we
needed him. He also willingly answered questions when the guide was not with
us on the trip to Klaipeda.The itinerary included all the must see sights
and did not exhaust us. Both my husband and daughter and my brother and his
wife thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Although I spoke the Lithuanian language
as often as I could it was great not to have to translate for them all the
> I will highly recommend your agency to any of my family or friends that
are thinking about visiting Lithuania. It was the most hassle free and
enjoyable trip. Thanks for all your help in planning our trip.

Audrey, Rich and Allyson Trachtenberg
Smithown NY USA
Sept 2005
Date of Posting: 01 September 2005
Posted By: Audrey, Rich and Allyson Trachtenberg
Smithown NY USA
"Visit Lithuania" gave a very good impression from the beginning with Monica's immediate replies to our emails for a private visit, and her help in contacting Lithuanian Archives.
On arrival we were met at the airport by a very polite young man, a very careful driver, who gave an excellent first impression of the Lithuanian people.
We found our tours of old and new Vilnius very interesting, the renovation of old buildings being beautifully carried out.
We were provided with a very kindly and knowledgeable guide who went out of her way to help. It is amazing to see how the country has flourished
since Independence, alongside the remnants of Soviet Russia for comparison.
Date of Posting: 26 August 2005
Posted By: J. Holden
I wanted to send you an email thanking you for the great trip planning
to Lithuania that you did for me, my mother and my Aunt. The trip was
seamless, the driver (TV) was exceptional and the two tour guides were
informative, caring and entertaining. We will definitely recommend you
to our friends! Good luck with your business. And thank you for
scheduling such a perfect tour of the beautiful land of Lithuania.

Best Regards,
Laura Huntley, 29 July - 08 August, 2005
Date of Posting: 08 August 2005
Posted By: Laura Huntley
Hello Monika, I Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us.
Everything went smoothly. We had a fantastic time and Lithuania has even exceeded my
best expectations. I am considering to return again sometime in the future. <...>
I also wanted to express my sheer joy of having Amelia for our guide in Planga. I can highly
recommend Visit Lithuania to my friends. Also our driver was great as well. Thank you once

John Ragaisis
17-23 July, 2005
Date of Posting: 23 July 2005
Posted By: John Ragaisis

Dear Ms. Petrauskaite,
I want to let you know that I enjoyed my stay in Lithuania immensely.
I will recommend your services to other friends and family who are contemplating visits to the country.
While I have your eye, please extend my thanks to Tautvydas for his driving, and for getting me to the archives where I obtained some very useful information about my maternal grandmother.

Aciu labe,
Mark Ratkus

Dr. Mark J. Ratkus
Coordinator of Internships
& Cooperative Education
Dept. of Economics
La Salle University
215- Off: 951-1183, Fax: 991-3511
Date of Posting: 20 July 2005
Posted By: Dr. Mark J. Ratkus
Philadelphia, PA USA
What can we say about our trip other than it went well beyond our expectations!! The trip was absolutely splendid and revealed much about the history and charm of this fascinating country. Probably one of the most interesting pieces of information we learned about the country had to do with the tenacity of its people and their ability to push for their goal of independence throughout almost a century of occupation and oppression. Their will to survive and to retain their status as a people and a country is nothing short of amazing.

We loved the rich history of the churches, the fascinating history behind the witches and folklore, and the efforts of the country to preserve its rich past. The forests of Dzukia left a lasting impression on us and the respect for the people who still occupy the forest village was admirable.

Both my husband and I hated to leave for home. We found the charm of the people, the food and the country itself, very enjoyable. And the planning for our visit was absolutely meticulous and timely. There were no delays in any aspect of the trip, all went as planned. The tour guides and our driver were able to answer all our questions and to offer comments on everything of interest to us.

We had a wonderful visit to a marvelous country. Yes, please use any of our comments as you wish and absolutely do what you can to promote tourism. The country has a history that deserves to be shared with others and they'll never know how special Lithuania is if they don't visit the country.

Thanks for everything....
Mary Lou and Tom Zemaitis
Tour "Lithuanian Experience", June 2005
Date of Posting: 16 June 2005
Posted By: Mary Lou and Tom Zemaitis

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