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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Hi Gabriele

To expand:

Both guides were good and went out of their way to help us. Rita kindly persisted in Utena to find places that were not on the map by asking local people.

But Loreta was really excellent. She understood exactly the purpose of our trip, giving us quiet time when we needed it and conducting specific research on our family history. Her possession of a 1940 telephone directory was invaluable.

Needless to say, both guides’ English language skills were very good, and with Loreta it was almost like taking to a native.

We would like to thank both guides for making our trip valuable and memorable.

Kind regards

Date of Posting: 06 August 2018
Posted By: Ron
Day trips to Kaunas and Utena, London, UK
Dear Gabriele,

Everything went very smoothly with our departure from Vilnius, and we got to the airport in plenty of time. My daughter and I were both sad to leave your beautiful city! [...] We really did love being in Vilnius! An acquaintance of my sister's told her before she left that Vilnius is a "quiet and peaceful city," and we found this to be the case. We also love the celebratory atmosphere that the festival created. For me and my daughter, what we experienced of Vilnius made us feel that it is an ideal size - big enough to offer what you would like to have access to in a city, but not so big as to be overwhelming. We loved exploring the Old Town, and felt that somehow we had made friends with the streets and buildings of this area.

The festival was truly amazing! We could hardly believe our eyes and ears, and it was a wonderful gift to be in Vilnius for this unique celebration. We also loved our excursion to Trakai. Another peaceful and beautiful place.

Thank you so much again for the work you did to enable us to enjoy a taste of your lovely country. We would love to return at some point, God willing!

All best,
Hannah and Claire
Date of Posting: 12 July 2018
Posted By: Hannah B.
Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival 2018 tour, USA
Hi Gabriele,

Perfect hotel, great food and especially the guide was super.
Thank you very much for taking good care of them, a very important company for me.

Date of Posting: 18 June 2018
Posted By: Urban
Custom group tour, Sweden
Hi Gabriele,

We had a WONDERFUL time on our trip to Lithuania (and Latvia and Estonia). Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was always on time each morning, and he was so flexible about taking us to the villages (Sirvintos and Panemune) where my great-grandparents were born. He had a great website that showed where some buildings were (like the apothecary) and we visited the sites of the cemeteries where their grandparents were buried. And even when his little girl was ill, while he, of course, took some calls from his wife, he gave us his full, cheerful attention. He provided suggestions for dinner places, showed us some places that weren't on the itinerary that he thought we'd enjoy (and we did!) He was terrific. My daughter got sick on the trip (a very bad cold) and he took us to a pharmacy and helped interpret what the pharmacist was saying so she got the proper medications.

He also knew exactly where to take photos that were amazing and was always taking family pictures, so we have loads of pictures of the 3 of us, which would not have happened without a guide! We feel like his is a friend we will keep in touch with.

When he learned some of the things we enjoyed, (like bird watching) he included more of those things in the trip and told us more information.

On the first day, he asked if we wanted our own time for lunch, and I invited him to have lunch with us and every day he had lunch with us, (so he never really had a break) but that added so much since he picked great places for lunch and told us what to order. I quickly realized that all the dishes my grandmother had learned from her mother (my Lithuanian great-grandmother) were on the menus: cold beetroot soup, mushroom soup, pastrami, etc. Loved that! Every day he tried to find a place with better soup than the day before!

We enjoyed him very, very much! Thank you!

All of the hotels had our 3 beds all ready for us, which was very nice, and the breakfasts in each one were terrific.

Since you asked for some feedback, here are a few suggestions:
1.) Arranging an app (like Whatsapp) or something so we can text the guide, or more specifically the driver taking us to the airport, if something came up (like the day we needed to go to the pharmacy).
2.) There were several places where the vouchers had not been paid by the company and we had to wait (one time over a half hour) before we could enter, so that could be taken care of earlier in the mornings of the days we are supposed to be somewhere, I would think.
3.) Perhaps suggesting a few restaurants for dinner in advance (some of the best restaurants did not have reservations available) and suggesting we make reservations after 7 or 7:30 p.m. to make sure we got everywhere. We should have arranged, for instance, for our dinners in Riga and Talinn days in advance because they were so busy. I know that's not part of the trip, exactly, but perhaps asking customers if they want some recommendations.
4.) The day we arrived, we got to the hotel pretty early in the morning, and the hotel took our suitcases and suggested we go sightseeing and have lunch, which is great....but it would have been nice to have the packet of info that arrived the next day with the guide so we would have had a map of Vilnius, and perhaps some suggestions for restaurants that day. Also, the KGB museum is right near that hotel, and since that wasn't on our itinerary, maybe a message suggesting we go in there that day would have been helpful for keeping us awake til evening.

Hotels: The staff at all the hotels were very nice and friendly and helpful, but there were a few things you might want to know since you probably use the same hotels over and over:
5.) The hotel in Kaunas, The Royal Europa Kaunas, [...].
6.) The St. Olav hotel in Talinn doesn't have an elevator, so just letting clients know that in advance would be helpful, although it was charming and we loved how they renovated it to "look and feel old." They did help me with my bag (I have a sprained ankle and was using a cane, so carrying a bag upstairs would have been a challenge). But the location was amazing and we loved the hotel.
7.) The hotel in Vilnius, while the staff was lovely (and the breakfast was outstanding and the location was terrific) had one small flaw: the air conditioning wasn't working, and when I mentioned it to them, they sort of just shrugged and said, "Open the window" which we did and it did cool down enough at night, but they should have sent someone to look or changed our room.

We loved all the breakfasts in all the hotels, and their locations were great.

Thank you for a great was everything I hoped for and more. We enjoyed everything and it is something our family will remember forever!
Thank you,
Date of Posting: 18 May 2018
Posted By: Stephanie H.
Baltic Jewish Heritage Trail tour (, USA
Bird Watching tour.
My trip was wonderfull. Egle is a very good and professional guide. She showed me various splendid places fpr watching birds. Thank you very much for your help.
Date of Posting: 11 May 2018
Posted By: Eva H.
1 day bird watching tour (
La excursion seria el domingo 8 de Abril, por ahora seriamos 2 personas.
Muy buen servicio. Leonardas muy amable y servicial ademas de todo su conocimiento. Si algun argentino qyiere pasear por vilna les recomendare vuestro tour.

Saludos cordiales.Fabian
Date of Posting: 09 April 2018
Posted By: Fabian B.
Dear Gediminas,

Many thanks for the message. I was going to email you anyway. Just to say the whole trip was excellent and we were very impressed with everything - hotel choice, coach/driver, guides (Petras and Julyiana were both excellent!) and everything went very smoothly. Genrik did take the 'scenic route' from Karosta to Rundale which involved him driving along an unmade road but that was his satnav sending him the most direct way not necessarily the quickest or smoothest, but it was a new route for him. We thought it a little strange but guessed he knew a short cut! Overall he was an excellent, helpful, flexible and (above all) safe driver- please pass on our thanks again to him.
The Belarus border crossings went quicker this time which was good and meant more time in the country itself. Hotels were very well situated and just the right 'quality' for the group. For example it was easy on Friday afternoon for example to walk back from Riga old town to the hotel. in Vilnius one evening, we took the group out to walk them to the parliament building and see the blockades from 1991.
We would also recommend as a short stop en route to Trakai Castle, the Hill of Angels - different and interesting. We also recommend in Liepaja an 'escape room' activity very close to the hotel
which the kids really enjoyed. it only takes up to 6 people at a time but the staff were very friendly and approachable. Ideal for a small group who are looking for a fun activity for an hour or so in Liepaja

I will certainly use your services again when we organise another school trip to Lithuania and Latvia in 3 years time! Happy to unconditionally recommend your services! Very professional in all respects

Best wishes and a belated Happy Easter

Date of Posting: 03 April 2018
Posted By: Simon L.
Portsmouth Grammar School, England
Hi Gabrielle,

It was a really lovely trip, thank you. The owners were very friendly and the taxi driver was very nice and helpful.
The only thing that I would prefer is if we could drive the huskies ourself (as this is how we've experienced the trip previously in Lapland and Canada).
Also, my husband went out on his own first, so I had to wait for 20 min until he came back for my ride, which was a little odd.
Overall, we enjoyed it - just not quite as much as our previous experiences.
Thank you again for organising.

Date of Posting: 07 March 2018
Posted By: Abbigail
Husky Dog Sledding (, UK
Hello Gabriele,

[...] About the activity: it was a unique experience, once in a lifetime.
Everything was well organized, thank you.
The driver was very kindly and social.

Vilnius was a super city to go for a weekend.

If i can give an suggestion: maybe give some free time to experience the beautiful nature around the husky farm.

Thank you for everything, i will strongly recommend you if i know somebody who wants to visit Lithuania

Date of Posting: 01 March 2018
Posted By: Matthias
Husky Dog Sledding (, Belgium
Hello Gediminas,
My husband David and I had a wonderful trip to Lithuania. Our guide Cirus was fantastic. He was prompt, knowledgeable about the history of his country and a delight to be with. He went above and beyond in making us enjoy our visit. Thank you for allowing him to show us your country.

Warm Regards,
Eileen Birchenough
Date of Posting: 02 October 2017
Posted By: Eileen Birchenough

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