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marnabilisArt therapy – that is what you could call Kristina and Jaunius Ranonis‘ farmstead-gallery “Mirnabalis”. Works of art are all over the place: on shelves, on tables, in the meadow. The fire-clay ceramics – which are made from heat resistant clay – are of particular interest. The owners also do interior and exterior artistic design, so you might find yourself not only picking up ideas, but actually receiving professional advice or perhaps you will end up decorating your home with their work!

The Company "Vilniaus kalviai" founded the Užupio Smithery Museum-gallery. Here one can become acquainted with the blacksmith’s profession and its history, exhibitions are mounted, articles of decorative applied blacksmith’s work are sold, professional blacksmiths demonstrate their craft, acquaint visitors with the main metal processing tools, educational activities are carried out at the Gallery.


Our object - maximum meeting the requirements of our clients. Taking advantage of the large experience and advance technologies, we render broad possibilities to realize the creative ideas to our clients.

Our moto – to create harmony in the environment you are surrounded by.

Our necessities – quality, professional consulting, variety, steadfastness and aesthetics of articles. Our articles satisfy the requirements of both the classical and modern architecture.

History and future – our company was established in 1993. A small smithy at first, the company has developed step by step. At present, JSC "VILNIAUS KALVIAI" is one of the well-known artistic metal processing companies in the country.

We offer the manually beneficial cooperation both to the companies dealing in construction and restoration activity and to private persons interested in our production.

Užupio St. 26

In Jonas Mekas Visual Art Centre different exhibitions are held; cinema and educational projects are carried out. Special attention is paid to creative work of Jonas Mekas and Jurgis Mačiūnas, the FLUXUS movement.

Jonas Mekas about Center: 
„Let me dream...What should this Center do besides housing and occasionally showing Maciunas and Mekas works ? 
It shouldn't be a Museum, that is, a Center, a place devoted only to its collections. I mean, works by Maciunas/Fluxus and myself. 
It should be a place for living working artists, working in film, video, computer, mixed media fields from all over the world, to present their works. It should also be a center, a place to present retrospectives and surveys of works of artists, working in the above mentioned fields, from the past. 
It should carry the flag of the avantgardes of all of the arts“


Gynėjų St.14 (Vilniaus vartai Complex)

molio laume

The public enterprise Juodosios keramikos centras was founded in 1995. During the recent year the Centre has held 5 international symposiums, a lot of exhibitions. In 1999 the Centre became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, and in 2000 it was given the name of the UNESCO Ceramics Centre.
Such professional artists as Eglė Paukštienė, Ieva Paukštytė and Eugenijus Paukštė demonstrate the processes of manufacturing black ceramics here. Visitors of the Centre have the opportunity to watch the technique of modelling ceramics, to buy earthenware, to learn historical facts about black ceramics and to enrol on the ceramics courses.
Address: Naugarduko str. 20, Vilnius
molio laume2
  • Opening hours - I-V 10.00 am. - 4.00 pm.
  • Exposition - Black ceramics Symposia.
molio laume3molio laume4molio laume5molio laume1



vilniaus paveikslu galerija3Vilnius Picture Gallery is situated in the former Chodkevičiai Palace built in the early 17th century. The Palace has constantly been expanded and reconstructed. In the 19th century it became a characteristic building of the late classicism style. At present it is one of the most interesting ensembles of this style in Vilnius. Many elements of interior decoration (stoves, wall sculptures) characteristic of that period have been retained in the halls of the first floor with the recreated interior of the 19th century inside. As it was usual for Lithuanian mansions, collections of medals, portrait miniatures, views of the old Vilnius, portraits of well-known townsmen (collection of Vilnius Philanthropy Society) are exhibited in the halls of the gallery.

There are two people in this story who have a certain historical significance. One is the architect Laurynas Stuoka-Gucevičius (1753–1798), who was largely responsible for the spread of classical architecture in Lithuania in the late 18th century and whose work is represented by some of his drawings.
The second is the painter Pranciškus Smuglevičius (1745–1807), also on exponent of classicism, who became the first professor of painting in the Vilnius School of Art. They both worked together on the design and decoration of Vilnius Cathedral.

Address: Didžioji g. 4, Vilnius.

vilniaus paveikslu galerija2

  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11–18; Sunday, National Holiday Eve 12–17.
  • Expositions (permanent exhibitions): Lithuanian art since 16th to the early 20th century; Classicist interiors of the Palace; Memorial furniture oj Jurgis Baltrušaitis.
  • Access: the Museum is fitted for visitors with mobility impairments.


vilniaus paveikslu galerija4vilniaus paveikslu galerija1


Please contact us for more information.










Aušros Vartų St. 7
Tel. +370 5 212 1319
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tue to Fri 12.00–19.00, Sat 12.00–16.00

The Gallery "Arkos" is one of four galleries of the Artists’ Association of Lithuania in Vilnius. It is situated in the Old Town of the capital, the architectural ensemble of the former Basilian monastery. Over 600 exhibitions of Lithuanian and foreign artists have been held at the Gallery. The Gallery, which is represented by the Artists’ Association of Lithuania, does not distinguish itself by one or another prevalent stylistic trend, viewpoint or age group of artists. The only criterion for selecting works of art is their artistic quality. The Gallery participates in international programmes of cultural exchange, organises cultural events, exhibitions.

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

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