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Museum of the history of Lithuania medicine and pharmacy

Museum of the history of Lithuania medicine and pharmacy


Lietuvos medicinos ir farmacijos istorijos muziejusMuseum located in 16th mentury building at the Town Hall Square in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. It moved to its current location in 1987. Collection is made up of personal items of doctors and pharmacists, Lithuanian hospital and pharmacy establishments, medical implements, documents and etc.

Pharmacy history exposition – the exhibition shows nineteenth mentury end – twentieth century Lithuanian town pharmacy. At that time there were a few pharmacy rooms: officina, coctoria, stock room of medicinal materials, a laboratory, a cellar.

Officina -  has been used as sale-room and reception room for customers. The shelves of officinas are full of old drugs, medicine, nursing and hygiene measures.

Coctoria – has beenused as room, where pharmacists used to produce infusions and decoctions, to wash and dry dishes, to distil water.

Materialia – has been used as room for keeping reserves of various raw materials including poisonous and violently acting stuff.

Laboratory – has been used to produce patent medcines and other products such as aromatic waters, oils, tablets and etc.

 medicinos ir farmacijos muziejus. Rūsys

Opening hours – II-VI 10.00am-17.00pm.

Address - Rotušės a. 28, LT-44279, Kaunas.

Admission charges:

Adults – 3Lt

Students and pupils – 1,50Lt

Guided tour – 25Lt



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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

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