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War and Peace tour


O fall the places I would expect to find a sumptuous adaptation of War and Peace being filmed, a former textiles factory on the industrial outskirts of Vilnius, Lithuania, is the last. In fact, only the cast buzzing in and out of their trailers in 19th-century garb convinces me that I am in the right place. 

But inside, as I walk past endless workshops and on to the cavernous ex-factory floor – now storing everything from period furniture and cannons to fire-ravaged houses and full-size model horses – the building’s chief selling point becomes clear: it is enormous. Well suited, then, to a BBC production that is as gargantuan as its source material...




Arrival in Vilnius. Private transfer to a hotel. Free afternoon to explore Vilnius yourself.
Accommodation in 4 star old town hotel, Vilnius.


Visit the charming Pushkin Museum on the outskirts of Vilnius old town. The museum was used for filming 'War and Peace' and has an authentic sense of connection to the literary past. Day for sightseeing Vilnius city tour. Vilnius Old Town - one of the largest and most beautiful in Central and East Europe is included into UNESCO Heritage list. You will visit Gediminas castle, Vilnius university and a lot more.
Accommodation in 4 star old town hotel, Vilnius.




2015 litva 2 02

Tour to Trakai (28 km from Vilnius) - a visit of the 15th century Trakai Insular Castle housing an exhibition on prehistoric findings and the 17- 18th century applied art, the way of life of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the Karaites, brought to Lithuania from the Crimea. and the delightful outdoor ethnographic museum of 'Rumsiskes' - both were filming locations for 'War and Peace'.
Accommodation in 4 star old town hotel, Vilnius.


Vilnius to Kernave and Mezotnes. Kernave the archaeological site where the 'Battle of Borodino' scene was filmed, also visit Kernave archaeological museum. You will then continue up to Mezotnes in Latvia, where you will stay for a night at the beautiful Mezotnes Pils, a renovated palace with comfortable 4* hotel rooms. Accommodation at the 4* Mezotnes Pils palace hotel.



Rundale Palace is one of Latvia's top sights to visit and it was also used for filming in the BBC 'War and Peace' adaptation. Here you can explor the impressive palace and gardens, then travel to Riga. Overnight in Europa Royale Riga hotel 4* .

Projekts Rundale rundalee 

Day 6 RIGA

Morning walking tour of the Old Town of Riga. Enjoy the beauty of the ancient Hanseatic city, while strolling through the cobble-stone, picturesque streets of the Old Town. In Old Riga you will see the Dome Cathedral, the Church of St.Peter, the old Guild Houses, the architectural ensemble Three Brothers, Old Riga Castle, and much more. Afternoon free to visit cosy restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops.
Overnight in Europa Royale Riga hotel 4* or similar

rigaoldtoown lime street

Day  7 RIGA

Breakfast. End of the tour. Departure.

Package price :990 EUR/ person (When accommodation in double occupancy room)


Package includes :

  • Accommodation in 4* centrally located well selected hotels;
  • 6 Buffet breakfasts 
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary ;
  • Arrival and departure transfers;
  • Car / coach and guides services
  • Entrance fees ;
  • Information package

*Flights are not included in this package.


 1. Gediminas Tower – as dominant landmark of the Austrian Alps

In the series: Episode 1 - the medieval tower in the Alps of Austria where General Kutuzov and Andrey Bolkonsky discuss the prospects of Russian army against Napoleon Grand Armée after the surrender of Austrian allies, and the possibility to retreat till Russian and Austrian enforcements approach. “Only a fool would sacrifice good men for a bit of glory.” 

2. Pushkin Museum in Markučiai – as a countryside estate in rural Russia

In the series: Episode 6 – country estate of Rostov family outside Moscow, Natasha Rostova looks after Andrey Bolkonsky very weak after injury in Borodino. Marya Bolkonskaja comes long way to see Andrei, who became even weaker after short improvement. Andrey asks Marya to give the small icon to his son Nikolay. Orthodox priest reads the last rites to Andrey with all Rostov family, Marya and Nikolushka at his bed end. Andrey passes away with Marya and Natasha at his bed sides. The Rostovs receive message about Petya’s death and have a moment of severe grief.

3. Ruins of Merkinė Estate – as rural Russia after the battle


In the series: Episode 6 – somewhere around Borodino battle location, French soldiers are retreating from Moscow, Pierre Bezuhov and his friend Platon with them, cross the courtyard of destroyed estate still smoking with fire.

4. Trakų Vokė Estate – as a mansion in Moscow


In the series: Episode 1 – interior of residence of Price Bezuhov in Moscow where Prince Vassily Kuragin enters the room to dying Pierre’s father and watches him pointing at the portrait of Pierre. Catiche and Anna Drubetskaja fight over the will found under the pillow of the dying Pierre’s father. Pierre witnesses his father die.
Episode 4 – interior of residence of Price Bezuhov in Moscow where Pierre Bezuhov comes across his wife Helen and Boris Drubetskoj and is persuaded by Helen to help Boris to join the Freemasons. Pierre Bezuhov threatens Anatol Kuragin to leave Moscow before midnight after his shameful attempt to seduce Natasha Rostova.
Episode 6 – exterior of residence of Rostov family in Moscow where Natasha runs out to offer her help to Russian soldiers coming back from Borodino battle.

  5. Trakai Island Castle – as a residence of tsar Alexander I


In the series: Episode 5 – audience hall of Tsar Alexander I where he hands to Boris Drubetskoj the letter to Napoleon with the obligation to take it and pass the demand to withdraw every one of his soldiers from Russian soil.

 6. Kernavė landscape – as battle-fields of Austria and Russia


In the series: Episode 1 – opening scene of Napoleon watching Grande Armée camping in the valleys of Austrian Alps.
Episode 5 -  Napoleon overviews the valley with his troops heading towards the river Nemumas, which marks the border of Russia, and gives an inspirational speech.
Episode 5 – Pierre Bezuhov stares at the panoramic view of Borodino field before the battle. Napoleon overviews the panoramic view of Borodino field after the battle with countless bodies of Grande Armée.

 7. Open Air Museum of Lithuanian Ethnic Culture in Rumšiškės – as rural Russia


In the series: Episode 3 – a new farmstead of  Andrey Bolkonsky, after survived injury and the loss of his young wife, he is building a wooden house preparing for peaceful life in the countryside.
Episode 4 – Good Old Russia - Christmas celebration at Rostov’s uncle Makar, the whole Rostov family arrive by sleighs, they sit around the room singing, telling jokes and horror stories, Natasha amazes every one by dancing a passionate gipsy dance, Sonya and Nikolay meet and embrace in the dark empty barn.
Episode 5 – countryside residence of Bolkonsky family in Mytishchije wher Bolkonsky family stops at the country estate on the way from Lysije Gory to Moscow. Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky dies with Marya Balkonskaja at his side: “Dear God, I prayed for his death while he loved me”. Nikolay Rostov helps out Marya with rioting peasants and escorts her and the family to Moscow.
Episode 5 – Borodino village,  Andrey Bolkonsky arrives for Borodino action and finds Kutuzov preparing for the battle under an old apple tree. Pierre Bezuhov arrives to Borodino village to take part in the action, he meets Dolohov who calles him Petrushka and begs for forgiveness. Pierre meets Andrey too and they have a sincere night conversation about upcoming battle: “If death comes it comes”.
Episode 5 – Borodino village, General Kutuzov sums up the results of the Borodino battle to the generals of the Russian army: “Napoleon has suffered the mortal wound from which he will not recover”. He announces the decision to retreat – abandon Moscow without a fight.
Episode 6 – General Kutuzov is informed that Napoleon left Russia: “We have our victory, nothing else to do.”
Episode 6 – final scene in the of breakfast in the green summer garden with happy families of Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezuhov, Marya Bolkonskaya and Nikolay Rostov

 8. Rundale Mansion in Latvia – as the most fashionable ball house in Saint Petersburg


In the series: Episode 1 – exterior and interior of the residence palace of Anna Pavlovna Scherer in Saint Petersburg where at the very beginning of the series horses with carriages ride to the door bringing high society guests for the big party where we for the first time meet hostess Anna Pavlovna, Pierre Bezuhov, Prince Vassily Kuragin and his children Helen and Anatol, Boris Drubetskoj and his mother Anna, Andrey Bolkonsky and his young pregnant wife Liza.
Episode 2 – interior of the residence of Pierre Bezuhov in Saint Petersburg, morning after the first night finds newly-weds Pierre Bezuhov and Helen discussing further family life.

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

Is it just us, or are you already planning a weekend trip?

Get to know Vilnius from within.

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You will be able to travel comfortably throughout Baltic Sates in our campers, as passengers really may feel themselves like home and take any necessary stuff with them, even their most loved cup for coffee.
A virtue of motor homes is the possibility to be in the cabin in all companionship while going from place to place.
Moreover, you will be free as you will be independent from hotels and every evening you will be able to spend in any place you wish!

Prepaid individual transfer :

no trouble with money exchange upon arrival,
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The driver will wait for you at arrival hall with your name on the card, will help you with luggage and will safely transfer you to agreed place.
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