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Aukstadvaris regional park

Aukštadvaris Regional Park was established seeking to preserve the most remarkable part of the Dzūkai upland: the hills of Aukštadvaris, one of the most picturesque sites in Lithuania, with numerous lakes in the upper reaches of the rivers Verknė and Strėva. Enclosed by centuries-old pine forests, the scenic lakes have attracted visitors for years.


The noteworthy features are the forest-covered landscape of the Mergiškiai – Aukštadvaris system of hills with Gedanoniai Hill (the highest point of the upland), the sources and expressive valleys of the Verknė and the Strėva, the clear lakes lying in the valleys (the park boasts about 80 of them), the 40 m deep Velnio duobė (Devil’s Pit), the “queen” of all sinkholes in Lithuania, the mysterious stone at Nikroniai, the group of boulders in Ustronė, the valley of Lake Vilkokšnis, and the beautiful forests of Spindžius and Strėva.

Cultural heritage

The main sites include the mounds of Lavariškiai, Moša, Pamiškė, Žuklijai and Strėva, the burial grounds at Drabužininkai, Lauzgeniai, Moša, Lavariškiai and Strėva, the town of Aukštadvaris (a church and the ensemble of a Dominican friary, manor house and park with the oak of the poet A. Mickiewicz and the first trout ponds in Lithuania, a hydroelectric power station, the fortified hill at Aukštadvaris and Kartuvės Hill), the hydroelectric power station with straits in Bagdanoniai, the “royal” high road, the stones and springs of the sacred grove, manor houses, and different villages.


The areas designated for recreation are the greater part of the Aukštadvaris Hydroelectric Power Station Reservoir, the shores of lakes Skrebis and Sienis, the northern shore of the bay of Lake Vilkokšnis, Lake Pakojas, the shores of Lake Šamukas, the north-western shore of Lake Drabužis, the northern and eastern shores of Lake Ungurys, and the southern part of Lake Aukšlinis. Camping sites can be found at Lake Stanka in the village of Strėva and at the Aukštadvaris Hydroelectric Power Station Reservoir.

Aukstadvario regparkasThe park has five walking trails, and routes for cyclists, among them Žaliasis takas (The Green Trail), Po Aukštadvario miestelį (Around the Town of Aukštadvaris), Pro Velnio duobę (By The Devil’s Pit) and Pro sakralinius šaltinius (By the Sacred Springs). A bicycle trail from Aukštadvaris to Strėva and around Lake Vilkokšnis is now under construction.

Canoeing is best in the upper reaches of the river Verknė, from the eastern shore of Lake Vilkokšnis where the Verknė falls into the lake to the Aukštadvaris Hydroelectric Power Station.

Skiing trips around the environs of the Strėva are held in winter.

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