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Lithuania - timeline

Lithuania - timeline

A chronology of key events:

  • 1009 February 14: First known mention of Lithuania, in the annals of the monastery of Quedlinburg.
  • 1030 The city of Kaunas in Lithuania is founded.
  • 1251 Mindaugas of Lithuania is baptized, in prelude to his crowning as King of Lithuania in 1253.
  • 1252 The Lithuanian city of Klaipeda (''Memel'') is founded by the Teutonic Knights.
  • 1253 Mindaugas is crowned as King of Lithuania.
  • 1262 King Mindaugas of Lithuania renounces Christianity, returning to his pagan roots and reverting to Grand Duke of Lithuania.
  • 1263 Mindaugas, the only Christian king of Lithuania, is assassinated by his cousin Treniota.
  • 1279 Lithuanian forces led by Traidenis defeat the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Aizkraukle.
  • 1323 Lithuania: Vilnius becomes capital
  • 1330 Vilnius in Lithuania received its coat-of-arms. It was granted to the city in the seventh year of its existen
  • 1385 The Union of Krewo established the Jagiellonian dynasty in Poland and Lithuania through the marriage of Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Grand Prince Jagiello of Lithuania and saw the acceptance of Roman Catholicism by the Lithuanian elite.
  • 1569 Poland and Lithuania are united in the Union of Lublin. They form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • 1587 Polish and Lithuanian nobles elect Sigismund III Vasa as their king
  • 1673 near Chocim (also spelled Khotinin the Ukraine, Lithuanian and Polish military units defeat the Turkish army. In this battle rockets of Kazimieras Simonavicius were successfully used.
  • 1863 The January Uprising broke out in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. The aim of the national movement was to regain Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian Commonwealth from occupation of Russia.
  • 1899 Lithuanian doctor, poet, and national hero Vincas Kudirka dies of tuberculosis at age 40.
  • 1918 February 16 1920 Bolshevist Russia recognizes independent Lithuania.
  • 1923 Lithuania seizes and annexes Memel
  • 1929 Coup ousts Augustinas Voldemaras in Lithuania; new president is Antanas Smetona
  • 1939 Germany takes Memel from Lithuania
  • 1940 The three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fall under the occupation of the Soviet Union.
  • 1941 Mass deportations by Soviet Union authorities take place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • 1949 The extensive deportation campaign was conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Soviet authorities deported more than 92,000 people from Baltics to remote areas of the Soviet Union.
  • 1989 Two million indigenous people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, then still occupied by the Soviet Union, join hands to demand freedom and independence, forming an uninterrupted 600 km human chain.
  • 1990 Two hundred thousand demonstrate in favor of Lithuanian independen
  • 1990 Lithuania declares independence from the Soviet Union.
  • 1990 The Soviet Union announces that Lithuania's declaration of independence is invalid.
  • 1991 Soviet troops assault the Vilnius TV tower in Lithuania and kill 14 unarmed civilians; many more are injured.
  • 1991 Voters in Lithuania support independen
  • 1993 Litas was introduced in Lithuania.
  • 2002 NATO Summit in Prague: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia are invited to join NATO.
  • 2004 The largest expansion of NATO to date takes place, allowing Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia into the organization.
  • 2004 The largest expansion to date of the European Union takes place, extending the Union by 10 member-states: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus.
  • 2004 June - Valdas Adamkus re-elected president.
  • 2004 November - Lithuania becomes first EU member state to ratify new EU constitution.
  • 2004 December - Reactor one at Ignalina nuclear power station shuts down in line with EU entry requirements. Under the same agreement, the second reactor is to close by 2009.
  • 2005 March - President Adamkus declines invitation to attend ceremony in Moscow in May marking end of World War II.
  • 2008 May - Parliament ratifies EU Lisbon Treaty.The EU Commission turns down Lithuania's application to join the euro zone on 1 January 2007, citing the country's inflation rate.
  • 2008 June - Parliament bans display of Soviet and Nazi symbols. The restrictions are the toughest of any former Soviet republic.
  • 2008 April - National statistics office publishes figures showing that Lithuania's GDP plunged 12.6% in the first quarter of 2009, compared to the same period last year.
  • 2009 May - EU budget commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite, standing as an independent, wins presidential election with more than 68% of the vote.
  • 2009 December - The second reactor at the Ignalina nuclear power station is shut down, in line with Lithuania's EU entry requirements.


    Half-day tour to Trakai

    Trakai (4 hours tour) is one of the oldest Grand Duchy of Lithuania residence and capitals. Trakai is the second capital of Lithuania.

    Tour to Kernave

    Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

    Country life museum in Rumsiskes

    Country life Open Air Museum of Lithuania (6 hours tour) is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe.

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    Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

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