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Amber road
Now and then Lithuanians and foreigners call Lithuania the Amber Land. Possibly because of the small pieces of amber one can find on the Lithuanian seashore or due to the traces of amber that have been found during excavations nearly all over Lithuania or perhaps because the first reference of Lithuania in the writings of C. Tacitus was particularly related to amber…
99 km long, the tourist route of the Lithuanian Amber Road covers the whole Lithuanian seaside from the Lithuanian border with Latvia in the north to the border with Russia (Kaliningrad region) in the south. The Lithuanian Amber Road passes through Šventoji, Palanga, the Seaside Regional Park, Klaipėda, Juodkrantė, and Nida.
The route is intended to introduce the tourists and travellers to the amber traditions in Lithuania including historic moments, extraction, processing, and jewellery.


Amber weekend in Vilnius.





During the tourist route, the guide and amber expert Igoris will reveal the historical subtleties and secrets of digging, processing and jewellery of the Baltic amber. In addition, Igoris will share his experience in amber search, and you will have the unique opportunity to find natural amber lumps together with the guide. The main objects of the route are the following:
  • Samogitian sanctury in Šventoji
  • Šventoji Treasure in Palanga Amber Museum
  • Amber manufactory in Palanga
  • Palanga Amber Museum
  • Informational exhibition on amber history in the Seaside Regional Park (in Karklė)
  • Amber capture location in Karklė
  • Archaeological amber findings in the Lithuania Minor History Museum
  • Amber Bay in Juodkrantė
  • Mizgiriai Amber Gallery-Museum in Nida.

Amber differently   
Visit the workshop Purvynė, where you can not only purchase the exhibited products, but also watch the entire complex creative process. The style of the team, processing amber and developing jewellery, is quite unusual and highly interesting. Designers create unique jewellery by combining contrasting materials such as plastics and amber, rubber and amber. The creation according to the latest jewellery fashion trends is increasingly attracting the eye of designers, advertisement and film-makers working in the fashion industry.
If you are on holidays in Nida do not miss a chance to visit Amber Museum-Gallery. There you will here a story about Baltic amber-Lithuanian "gold". You will be acquainted with Baltic amber morphology, colours, and our incredible collection of inclusions. You will see the reconstruction of famous Juodkrante treasure. Helpful staff will answer your questions and show you the trimming of amber.

You can purchase ornaments of jewelry of modern design, unique amber pieces, and inclusions. All goods are delivered with a certificate that guarantees the high quality of real Baltic amber.

You are welcome every day from 10a.m. till 7p.m. on Pamario str. 20 (next to the church).
The museum is located in an old fisherman's house in 1993, and it welcomes visitors with wooden amulets from Juodkrantė's Treasure. They are like museum guards. Visitors are acquainted with Juodkrantė's Treasure and meaning of amulets in the museum, where they can see all the 434 original-sized amulets.

Here is presented the history of the Baltic amber: formation, morphology, colours, and inclusions. Amber of different sizes and shapes astonishes tourists. The biggest amber piece weighs nearly 2 kilograms. Visitors may touch it and be filled with 50 million years amber energy and feel its warmth. There is also one amber nugget with a particularly strong energy. It is of an ox heart shape and diffuses exclusively intense energy from the sharp edge. The nugget was even used to heal the gallery owner. The museum shows an impressive collection of inclusions. Here you can find various insects and plants in amber. We also have an amber piece with a bird feather and a spider "Sosybius Mizgirisi". The latter piece of amber received this name when the researcher J. Wunderlich, who works at the Hamburg University of Geology-Paleontology Museum, found in the gallery collection an undiscovered Baltic amber spider species, of male sex. Thus he called the spider in the name of the owner, so making him "immortal". Juodkrantė's Treasure is exhibited in the center of the museum. Here is also exhibited a collection of amber, fossil resin and copal from the worldwide locations. You can also see the unique phenomenon - how works the machine producing amber energy. "Please stand arm in arm - you can immediately feel the energy of amber" – this phrase is often heard in the museum. Everybody startles. It seems incredible, but everybody feels the power of amber. Visitors can taste a special drink – "Amber drink" and learn how to make the drink at home themselves.

In addition to the antique amber – the most prominent-Lithuanian artists exposition is displayed. You can buy jewelry and art works of amber. All items have certificates, guaranteeing that the product is made of natural Baltic amber.

Museum visitors can also visit exposition in the garden and walk through the Amber Road. The Amber Road starts from the Baltic Sea and extends over the whole Europe to the Etruscan lands in Italy. Here you can find an old workshop and learn to work with amber (who wants can try to become an amber "master" and make themselves a fortune amulet). Visitors can see a collection of inclusions, amulets from Juodkrantė Treasure, and then open a "50 million year-old pine bole" to understand how amber was formed inside. They can see how resin was piling up in the tree; dripping from damaged spots or dribbling down the tree bark. A boat previously used to fish amber and some ancient tools are part of the exhibition. The beginning of the Amber Road is marked with an obelisk placed in Curonian Lagoon.

In summer time artists come to the Artists‘ House, which is near the Amber Gallery-Museum. These are the moments to observe creative processes and visit the exhibitions.


Palanga Guild of Amber Masters is a public organisation founded at the end of 2000 and joining 26 amber craftsmen with their families. The members of the Guild protect and maintain the tradition of amber craftsmanship, participate in republican and international exhibitions, apply new technologies for amber processing, manufacture individual orders of amber jewellery.

At Palanga Amber processing studio the members of the guild will show you how a natural piece of amber turns into an item of jewellery. Visitors will also be given a try. The exhibition of amber artefacts is opened there in the gallery

Open for visitors amber processing studio
Vytauto 21/ S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno 27


In XIV c. on the top of Birutė hill astronomical observations were carried out. The replica of this paleoastronomic observatory was constructed in the northern part of Šventoji settlement, not far from Health centre “Energetikas”, and was named as “Žemaičių alkas” (Samogitian sanctuary). The research was carried out by Palanga branch of Samogitians’ culture organisation. In June 1998, wooden poles carved by folk artists were put up on the dune. Each column corresponds to the names of mythological gods and goddesses of the Balts:  Perkūnas (Thunder), Aušrinė (Morning star the Venus), Žemyna (Goddess of Earth Vitality), Austėja (Goddess of Bees), Ondenis (Water God), Patrimpas (God of plants and Spring), Patulas (Unger earth God), Velnias (God of Dead Souls), Leda (Mother of Gods) and heavenly bodies - Saulė (the Sun) and Mėnulis (the Moon). With the help of these poles, it is possible to fix the main calendar holidays of the Balts: Dew holiday, Stork’s Day, Shrove Thuesday, Christmas etc.

The settlement of Šventoji is important to the tourist route of Lithuanian Amber Road because of one of the most interesting Stone Age amber treasures that was found in its vicinities in 1966-1976. The archaeological excavations were carried out by Dr. R. Rimantienė. The finds are exhibited at the Lithuanian National Museum and the Palanga Amber Museum.
gintarilanka_juodkranteIn 1860 through 1881, raw and processed amber lumps were found during amber excavations in Kuršių Marios (Curonian Lagoon) near Juodkrantė. In 1882 R. Klebs, professor of Königsberg University, for the first time in the world archaeological literature mentioned Stone Age amber artefacts from Lithuania in his book Amber Decorations of the Stone Age.

Klebs’ collection is also known as the treasure of Juodkrantė. It contains 434 various form amber pendants, buttons, tubular beads, discs, and figurines of humans and animals. The latter are considered particularly valuable. At present, this collection is displayed at various exhibitions. There is the copy of R. Klebs’ collection at Palanga Amber Museum.

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

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