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In 2008 traveling community was introduced with new route for cyclists „Su dviračiu po Gražutės regioninį parką“. We believe that this cycle track really differs from other cycle ways in Lithuania: it isn‘t easy to “defeat” this cycle track, track is mainly covered by forest roads, relief is impressively hilly. So it isn‘t enough to have map and strong will, equipment and mountain bike will be needed here too. In the process of Gražutė cycle tracks arrangement a lot of informational signs and directive arrows were installed to prevent from going astray. Moreover, here you can find stands with maps and information about Regional Park of Gražutė, its nature and objects of interest. These tracks are valuable in various aspects; everyone from biologist to geologist will be intrigued here.



This part of track connects the most interesting and beautiful objects of Gražutė Regional Park.
In visitors centre of Gražutė Regional Park (1) *Laisvoji a. 14, Salakas you can get professional information about places to visit. Here you also will find Salakas land ethnographical and park’s informational expositions, moreover V. Žilinskienė individual collection “Museum of seas” is here. Salakas is also famous for feast of saint apostles and unique neogothical church that was build from dressed field stones (2).
In south from Salakas is Tartarian cemetery (3) – the only one active Muslim cemetery in Aukštaitija region. Near by road to Degučiai is two-storied chapel of saint Nepamukas (4) which was build in 1930, author P. Ivanauskas. Don’t leave behind and Kunigokalnis (5) – hill near by Salakas (also called as hill of priests). It is said that on this hill was monastery and church of Benedictines. So in cellars of these buildings priests and monks had been buried.
Form and mounds of Čepeliškės barrow (6) is typical for IX – XII a. Kiemionys mound (7) was used in I – V a. It is said that Antalieptės sea (8) is sea of a hundred islands. It not only amazes us with stunning beuty, but also is example of human achievments: once there were 27 lakes that now is united to Antalieptės sea.
In Tiltiškės village you will find Museum of Energetics (9). And don‘t ride through: unique nature‘s monument of the Fir sisters (10) - it is 32 meters high trees, witch trunks unites together in height of 3,5 meter; Samaukos barrow (11) that was used in V-X a.; Chapel of Old Believers‘ community (12) in Rusteikiai village and Rusteikiai barrows (13). We don‘t even doubt that for the pleasant rest impressive lake of Šventas (14) will be much more than ok. This lake is often compared with Baikal and is strictly protected by state to preserve its natural beauty.
Old cemetery of Žagarinės village (15) is place there people of old village rests. Here visitors can see long ago created crosses. Then being here you will feel time passing by. From bridge through Šventoji river (16) now is just the only one pole still extant. But in the old times it was one of the main bridges in the region. Salakas pine (17) – on this tree you will find cross with date to remember event of giving ownership documents to few peasants of Luodžiai estate. Old Jewish cemetery (18) cherishes memory; this burial-ground was used in 1941 for the last time.



This part of the track comes through Apiričius, Ilžikis, Asavėlis, Asavas, Tūmiškis and around Samavas lakes. It begins in Zarasai city, near by camping “Zarasai”.
For your convenience one section of this track connects with Great ring, so you will have a great opportunity to test your stamina in both cycle tracks.
Form of Apkartai barrows (18) is typical of IX – XII a. Gulbinės lindens (19) are protected monument of nature. There are only 38 such like trees in Lithuania. In ancient times these lindens there praised. It was believed that these trees had strong healing powers; that lightning doesn’t struck to them; that here lives goddess of fate Laima and goddess of love Milda. Subsequently native people started to believe that in these lindens souls of dead women lives.
Bielkaučizna mound (20) also known as Batarėja is dated to beginning of I millennium.
For all who likes sweets we suggest to visit J. Milašienė ecological apiarian farm (21) in Pagrundai village.


In cycle tracks you will find:

3 sites for respite: near by Gulbinės lindens, Šiurpelis and Gėlinis lakes. They are suitable for short relaxation withuot overnight rest. Campfires aren‘t allowed here.
2 resort places near by Ilžikis Lake and J. Milašienė farm in Pagrundai village. It is not suitable for overnight rest, but her you can use campfire places. 3 campsites: near by Asavas and Luodis lakes.
These campsites are suitable for overnight rest with tents and it is allowed to use campfire places. Forest furniture and other equipment for recreation are installed here too.

Cycle tracks were prepared by municipality of Zarasai district and direction of Gražutė Regional Park (part of funds from project „Saugomų teritorijų tvarkymas ir priežiūra 2“ BPD2004-ERPF-1.3.0-04-05/003).

(Used materials: Pr. Gipiškio ,,Zarasų kraštas“, A. Matiuko ,,Po Zarasų kraštą“, publications of newspaper ,,Zarasų kraštas“, information of Gražutė Regional Park ,,Su dviračiu po Gražutės regioninį parką“)



New Bicycle Roads in Lithuania


Un-hilly relief, interesting and quickly changing landscape was well as a dense network of roads with hard covering makes Lithuanian roads very suitable for travelling by bicycle. There are no boring long distances from one place to the other, as the country is evenly populated. Every location has its own sights of history, architecture, monumentsof nature or beautiful landscape. The most famous and popular is the Baltic coast cycle route, which goes throughout the Baltic coastline of Lithuania. In the Palanga- Klaipeda distance the cycle route leads to the picturesque Pajurio regional Park. The ferry will take you from Klaipedato the Curonian Spit national park, famous for its unique beauty. there the pine forests attempt to temper the dunes, whereassettlements have retained the colours of ancient fishermen houses and look like from the picture. The new distance of his route goes along th coast of Curonian Lagoon to Nemunas delta. And the tour does not end there... Experience this heaven of wild nature and birds by bicycle.


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