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01 January 2016
  • Friday 01 January 2016 12:00am - 12:00pm
    New Year’s Day   ::  Public Holidays

    According to the researchers, New Year in Lithuania was celebrated from old times, but not so universally. Like before any other holiday, lithuanians till the New Years eve are trying to finish all essential works, reconciliation with family members. For celebrations they were producing similar food like for Christmas eve, just the food was not meager. Everyone, whether young or old, was trying to spend a fun evening, to chat with family, relatives. Have been observed eating by the old Lithuanian traditions, not to take a lot of alcohol, especially women and girls.

06 January 2016
  • Wednesday 06 January 2016
    Farewell, Christmas Tree   ::  Public Holidays

    On the Twelfth Day, January 6th, Vilnius Teachers’ House usually invites the families to the Event “Christmas Tree, adieu!” Citizens of Vilnius City are encouraged to take care of the trees and to bring them to the yard of Teachers’ House, where they, based on the story, are taken back to the forest while the music is accompanying the journey.

    The Event “Christmas Tree, adieu!”, being held almost two decades by the Vilnius Teachers’ House is an integral part of the conclusion of the Christmas uproar in Vilnius City. It became the tradition that the Seasonal Events are finalized by making adieu with the Christmas trees for citizens of Vilnius. Thus, do not change the tradition in this year as well.

  • Wednesday 06 January 2016
    Procession of Three Wise Men   ::  Public Holidays

    Festive Christmas’ events in Vilnius traditionally are finished with the traditional parade from The Gates of Dawn through Vilnius old town. The figures of the Three Wise Men, following the Star, become the centre of the parade, which culminates at the Cathedral Square with the traditional performance, depicting the visit the Three Wise Men paid to the Jesus Child. The parade and performance are especially loved by the youngest citizens of Vilnius.

    Three Kings Procession starts from the Gates of Dawn and ends at the Cathedral Square.

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13 January 2016
  • Wednesday 13 January 2016
    Freedom Defenders Day   ::  Public Holidays

    Lithuania commemorates 13 January as the Day of Freedom Defenders in honour of those who lost their lives during the 13 January 1991 actions of Soviet troops in Vilnius.

    The Soviets then attempted to seize Lithuania’s legitimate administration, which had declared the country’s independence from the Soviet Union on 11 March 1990.

    Some 14 people were killed and more than 1,000 unarmed civilians were injured during the attempts by the Soviet army and special forces to seize the TV tower and the Lithuanian Radio and Television building.

    Although the TV tower and the Radio and Television building were seized, the Soviets did not attack the building of the Supreme Council – Reconstituent Seimas that was surrounded by thousands of civilians.

06 February 2016
  • Saturday 06 February 2016 08:00am - 05:00pm
    Traditional Carnival Užgavėnės (Shrovetide)   ::  Public Holidays

    Shrovetide carnival is a traditional holiday, one of the merriest events in Lithuania. Shrovetide was first organized in Vilnius in 1995.

    Užgavėnės – is a carnival, which escorts winter. This holiday is not associated with any church rituals. Its traditions clearly unify elements of culture before Christianity and during Christianity. Fortune-telling occurs during this evening. For example, it is believed that all the witches can be seen if during Užgavėnės you scrape out all the leftovers from your teeth and tie them up in a handkerchief and wear it under your bosom until Easter.

    From early morning people in costumes begin roaming – devils, witches, reapers, goats, Gypsies, beggars and others. They usually visit homes, sometimes businesses as well, play pranks, act, sing, try to snatch something and then demand payment, throw water or if they catch someone, they bathe them in snow. After the pranks, the ones in costume ask for pancakes or money.

    It is believed that on this day you have to eat a lot (not less than 12 times), because it is the last day before the fast of Lent. The traditional food of the holiday – pancakes. Other special dishes are fat pork, “šiupinys” (a boiled cereal with meat, barley or peas, seasoned and somewhat decorated with a pig’s ear or snout in the bowl), stewed cabbage, pancakes, doughnuts.

    In the evening people yell “winter, winter get out of my yard”, the “Morė” (a creature made of straw) is burned – the symbol of winter. Then two men get changed, one – fat – Lašininis, the other – thin – Kanapinis and they fight. Usually the thin one wins, while the fat one is chased away until Easter.

    Frenzied, fun and full of love Shrovetide in Vilnius on 6 February invites Vilnius residents and visitors to a big fat Lithuanian wedding of Morė (Žemaitija) and Gavėnas (Aukštaitija), which will be buzzing the whole day in V. Kudirkos Square and Gediminas Avenue. Tousle your feathers, grab the mask and

16 February 2016
  • Tuesday 16 February 2016 08:00am - 05:00pm
    Day of Reestablishment of the State of Lithuania (1918)   ::  Public Holidays

    On 16 February 1918, the Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania, which proclaimed the termination of all state ties and declared Lithuania an independent state. Solemn commemorations, concerts and other events take place in the capital and all over the country.

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11 March 2016
  • Friday 11 March 2016
    Day of Restoration of the Independence of Lithuania   ::  Public Holidays

    The Act of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania was signed on 11 March 1990. On this day, the victims of fights for Lithuanian independence are honoured, the ceremony of hoisting the state flag takes place in the Nepriklausomybės Sq., and brass band parades, performances by various groups, and concerts are organised.

    More information:

28 March 2016
  • Monday 28 March 2016
    The Sky in Easter Egg Patterns   ::  Public Holidays

    We invite to the largest spring festival with various activities: an Easter Egg roll, their drawing, a contest of the most beautiful, original and traditional Easter Egg, as well as swing, family games and various Lithuanian folk dances and rounds. The event will be presented by the Easter Granny (Velykų Bobutė), whereas characters – rabbits, bears, storks and other animals – will lark about together.

    More information:

07 May 2016
  • Saturday 07 May 2016 - Monday 09 May 2016 08:00am - 05:00pm
    Europe Day   ::  Public Holidays

18 June 2016
  • Saturday 18 June 2016
    Herb Market   ::  Public Holidays

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