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Lazdijai area Veisiejai Regional Park, rippling lake has a very carved shoreline and steep banks. In some places, the lake is surrounded by pine forests, but part of the coastal užpelkėję. The coast is rich in resources. The Ančia lake will find something to do and fish-loving vacationers, there are plenty of different fish: bream, roach, pike, perch, tench, catfish, eel and others. At the lake are protected dendrological value with Vainežeris and Veisiejai manor parks. Veisiejai Regional Park, also known as the South Lithuanian Venice, famous for its interlinked lakes - ducks, Verniejumi and Snaigynas, Šlavantai and Šlavantėlis. The edge of human life is closely linked with the local nature. Lakes (the park even 37) and forests fed at one time the population Veisiejai land.

Zemaiciu, especially Plungė Citizens pride - Plateliai lake. It is the largest and deepest lake in the Lowlands. The deepest point is about 50 meters, but still more than ten meters Lithuania is second deepest lake TAURAGNŲ. The lake is very meander around a number of hills, the highest of them - 20-30 on the hill - is looming wooded Plokštinė plokščiakalvė. It was equipped with plates for the Soviet era missile base, which from 2012 onwards. is open to visitors during the Cold War Museum. The lake has seven islands called very creative - Calves, Briedsalė, Castle Island, as well as Pliksalė, Gaidsalė, Ubagsalė, Šončelio Island and Auksalės Kreiviškiai and peninsulas. The most interesting is the Castle Island. Even more interesting sounds Legend of the Lake name: It is said that once the lake stretched away to the west. But during a storm tornado grabbed him and began to carry them to the east. From the lake-cloud rained heavily. One Low exclaimed with surprise: "But it lej! ... Plate lej" (ie widespread rains). It turns out, is a former lake-cloud password by uttering all its water Vortex stormed into the hills.

Some have already visited Lithuanian deepest lake and the longest time. It - Asveja Regional Park telkšantis Asveja lake Dubingiai lake, which is hard to believe, but extends almost 22 kilometers! And if you calculate it, and all branches - 29 km. It even includes three district municipalities: Molėtai, Švenčionys and Vilnius. It is about eight kilometers away from the Pabradė. Historians believe that in the long run, this lake was formed from two separate - and Dubingiai Biliškių lakes. Asveja lake has six islands, sandy beaches, piny shores. At Dubbing through Asvėja Dubingiai built a wooden bridge, which is worth to pass. His time over 100 years old wooden poles, which virtually unaffected by water. Tourists should gladden the fact that this lake is very clear water and fish lovers - it's a great opportunity prisižvejoti even 14 different kinds of fish. Announced that the Asveja lake is rich in species such as perch, bleak, bream, pike, roach, bream, tench, cod, ruff, vendace, red, chub, smelt, burbot and eel.

Islands in lakes offer the fans stop by to Anykščiai Regional Park holdings where ripple Rubikiai lake, which can boast of 16 islands - the stream, kiss, High, garlic, Liepinio, Great and others. The largest island occupies even 16.4 hectares. Around the lake equipped with 9 resorts, you can rent water bikes, build a tent, leave two days the water route through four lakes, clean and nice to swim in the clear water. During the Midsummer lake forthcoming "St. John's Regatta, it has already become a tradition. Before this lake can not just rest quietly but actively go fishing - the lake is rich in pike, perch, bream and roach. Pike particularly good adhesion to the islands and coastline. Some good catches can be expected trolling.

It is the largest lake in southern Lithuania, having an interesting historical fact - a record thick ice, which Dusia overlaid in 1954. It's hard to believe, but the lake is frozen ground that the ice thickness was as high as 78 centimeters! The lake stretches Meteliai Regional Park, Lazdijai region, and is considered the third largest lake in our country. This lake is also known as a mecca for anglers - Dusia generous not only smelt, but fishermen will be happy to pamper and ešeriukais. Beautiful lake and its surroundings you can admire the panorama from the freshly built Metelių observation tower. Tired of lying to the lake can enjoy the local surroundings worthy of the ancient reaching past eight mounds, many of which poured Yotvingians.

And who knows Sartai lake! Perhaps the most famously Sartai horse racing sports in the winter, but in summer there are more things to see and admire. Sartai Regional Park, Rokiskis and Zarasai districts rippling lake has the longest coastline Lithuania - 79 km, and holidaymakers are especially popular because of the unique landscape - one side of the lake surrounded by woods, on the other fields and meadows, and the coastline is very curvy. There are seven islands in the lake. The biggest island is 6.5 hectares and the Great Island. The second largest - mud island - have long been populated. Older people Sartai title explains the origin of the legends that mention race in Lake dumps on a red horse. How much truth is a legend, who knows, but horse racing riding on a red lake ice has been going on since 1865. For more than a hundred years ago, when this race has become traditional.  Sartai Sartai the lake and the park can look over the landscape from Sartai (Baršėnų) observation tower, whose height - up to 35 meters.

Labanoras Regional Park, Molėtai district, located in lake shaped like an oval, surrounded by forest. The lake has two islands with a total area of ​​0.25 hectares. To walk around the local surroundings beckon nearby overlooking Kertuojos mound.  Lake itself is surrounded by a delightful sandy beaches, its outskirts - the spectacular beauty of black and white Lakajai lakes, surrounded by pine forests of rare beauty, Labanoras Regional Park. Kertuojos lake pine and white like the Baltic Sea sand beach creates a special landscape area and visiting here gives an unforgettable sense of freedom.

All the school has learned that the deepest lake in Lithuania is Tauragnas. Highland National Park in Utena district, rippling lake at the deepest point reaches 62.5 meters.

All the more so during the summer you can enjoy not only clear water and swim in it, but also rafting or canoe to reach the middle of the peninsula, enjoy the right Tauragnas shore of the lake situated in one of the highest mounds in Lithuania - Taurapilis, admire the view of the lake encircling the hilly local terrain. It is interesting that the lake is characterized by very high - up to 40 meters, seeking to shore. The warmest water is in July and August to about 19 degrees. For those who like to keep an ideal companion for a hook, Tauragnas can offer a lot of fish - fishermen tells us that there are plenty of vendace, smelt and whitefish, as well as possible I was taking. The surrounding wooded areas in summer full of mushrooms and berries. Well, divers and water lovers and offers exclusive entertainment - the deepest lake in Lithuania Lithuania various diving clubs sometimes organizes diving sessions, which can be arranged in advance pasiskambinus diving clubs.
The lake derives its name from the cup, which, according to legend, came out of the forest and appeared on the shore of the lake, when to him with his army spent the night Duke Rigimundas. It was they who advised the Duke and kanklininkas build the village on the mountain lake. Duke built a castle there and called it Taurapilis and lake - Tauragnu. Visiting the lake Tauragnas recommended to inspect and two Highland National Park rocks - Knows and Mokiuką. According to legend, these two stones - petrified solvent family. >

This lake, located in the district Tent area Varniai Regional Park, perhaps the most famous in that it is found in amber.
The lake is not deep. The maximum depth - 7 m, the average depth - 3.6 m, so it is safe to relax for families with children. Between the lake and Paršežeris is Sietuvos kūlgrinda. Going it may become the exclusive pastime of the has written before. Well, blues music lovers this lake knows how his five fingers, because its shores annual International Festival "Blues Nights".

This lake ripple through two states - Lithuania and Russia, the Kaliningrad region. Lithuania, Vilkaviškis district this part of the lake consists of 5.44 km² and total lake covers an area of ​​17,83 km². Lake emergence ensnare many legends. It is said that in ancient times, when there was no Vištytis in the place formerly beautiful meadow or former big city Mandabūrija. It is said that Vištytis lake came in the form of a cloud and dropped the casual man (shepherd) mentioned Vištytis - inadvertently guessed the name of the lake. Another says that the lake has reached the ground and still plėtęsis and flown over his Vištytis and cypsėjęs. Some people shouted "Vištytis! Vištytis! ", The lake still.  Sick gulinėti the lake, is something to see in their local areas - Pavištytis hill, overlooking the beautiful views of the hills Pavištytis Vištytis lake, meadows and forests. It is also equipped with three lakes observation place overlooking beautiful places panoramas. >

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Kernave village (4 hours tour) located on the banks of the river Neris (35 km from Vilnius) has been known as the capital of Lithuania before Trakai and Vilnius. 

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Vilnius is a great place for pleasant strolls. It is green, full of cultural diversity and cozily compact. So compact, that in just a few dozen steps from the gallery, you find yourself in a park, followed by a baroque church, and off to the castle after a cup at the local cafe. Thus, in a short time you get to not just see, but also hear, touch, taste and tune into the soul of the city.

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