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Sightseeing in Latvia

Sightseeing in Latvia


Riga, the capital of the Republic of Latvia, lies on the banks of the Daugava river not far from where the river flows into the Gulf of Riga. Riga is not only the largest city in the Baltic States, but also the most important centre of industry, finance and transport in the Baltic region. Riga's architecture, changing in the course of time, accepted the novelties of the world's architecture, at the same time keeping to and preserving local traditions. The wealth of Riga is an indescribable spirit created by the historical districts, streets and buildings. Visit the Monument of Liberty, House of Blackheads, famous Riga castle, the Dome cathedral and other outstanding places in Riga. With an impressive opera house, excellent restaurants and varied nightlife there is plenty to do in the evening too!


What to see in Riga?


The Monument of Liberty
This monument takes a very special place in the history of Latvia. In the late 80's - early 90's the monument became a spiritual centre of the nation, a symbol of people's longing for independence.

The Big & Small Guilds
These buildings have been standing for a century and a half as two rivals: they stand still, just few steps from each other, engaged in a trial of proud askance looks of Gothic windows. The Big Guild and the Small Guild are the "family nests" of two Riga families of tradesmen and craftsmen.

House of Blackhead

One of the most magnificent buildings in Town Hall Square is the House of Blackheads which once hosted a brotherhood of foreign merchants and now serves as both a museum and concert hall.

Riga Castle
The first castle built by the Sword Order named Wittenstein Castle ("made of white stone") was mentioned for the first time in 1209. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times.

The Dome Cathedral 
This well-known historical monument became a symbol of the Old town of Riga. For the past centuries it was rebuilt many times, so its present image contains elements of different architectural styles.

St. Peter's Church
First mentioned in ancient chronicles in 1209, St. Peter's was a Catholic church until 1523, when it turned Lutheran. From the observation platform built in the tower you can enjoy a wonderful bird's-eye view of Riga.

Latvian National Opera

The official history of Latvian opera began in 1912, when the Latviešu Opera was established in Riga by Pāvuls Jurjāns. On January 23, 1919, the Latvian National Opera staged its debut performance: Richard Wagner’s opera Der fliegende Holländer. Visit Latvian National Opera and enjoy world famous operas, operetes, ballets and concerts.

Pedvale Open-Air Art museum    

Pedvale is located near town of Sabile in Kurzeme province, only 115 km from Riga. The World’s Cultural Heritage Fund has nominated Pedvale among the 100 World’s unique and most endangered monuments. You can take a path to enjoy the view of the deep ravines and flat slopes, vast arable fields and peaceful meadows, brooks, creeks and water springs with crystal-clear water. You will be surprised by the objects of art, modern installations and sculptures as well as the monuments of architecture.




Jelgava is a beautiful city which is located on the river of Lielupe. It was first mentioned in historical documents in 1264, when the Livonian Order began to build a wood castle on what is now Jelgava. After becoming a rail centre in the 19th century, the city was nearly destroyed in Second World war. Today, it is the only inland maritime harbour in Latvia and it's also the most significant industrial centre of the Zemgale region. You may will visit the Jelgava Castle which is a monument of baroque art, the resting-place of Kurzeme’s dukes, the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and other historical monuments in Jelgava.



Jurmala is one among the great Latvia sightseeing places. Jurmala observes a mild weather, providing healthy air and the mud and mineral water cures all diseases. Jurmala beaches are rich in their own characteristics. The beaches in Jurmala stretch thirty two kilometers are a popular destination of young people. Volleyball, beach football and other adventure water sports are also played here. Beach cafes are wonderful places to relax after sunset. In Jurmala you can also visit Livu water park. It is the biggest water attraction park in Northern Europe. You can find 40 different attractions on the site. Līvu Water Park is open all year round.




Cesis is the beautiful Latvian Hanseatic town, located about 90 km from Riga. In Cesis enjoy a stroll through narrow streets and feel the amiable small town atmosphere. You will see the 13th century Order of Knight's Castle, Cesis Medieval Castle, Cesis New Castle and the soaring Gothic tower of the 13th century Church of St.John. Visit the local history museum displayed in the New Palace and enjoy a walk in the Palace park. Short drive through the countryside will take you to the picturesque Gauja River banks at the highest sandstone cliffs in Latvia - Erglu Klintis.


Gaujas National park    

A beautiful unique nature park in Gauja river’s valley with beautiful nature views, caves, nature trails, handicraft workshops and some architecture objects. There are several tourist places to stay with the tent, possibilities to go with the boat down the river and to go for excursion around park to see nature, handicrafts, architecture and animals outdoors. But the biggest treasure of the GNP is nature with unique nature objects like sandstone detritions. Besides that in GNP you can go bungee jumping above the Gauja river, go with the wagon above the river and enjoy the view on the valley from the air.






Sigulda is a beautiful city within the country of Latvia and is an ideal place for spending a holiday. It is located about 50 km from Riga on the Gauja River valley and is often called the Latvian Switzerland. Sigulda is situated in the Gauja National Park and is known as the most popular tourist and leisure destination as well as a famous winter sports resort in Latvia. You can visit the Medieval Sigulda Castle, Sigulda new Castle (Kropotkin Palace), the local history museum, Gutmana cave, Krimulda Manor and other historical and natural objects.







Latvia's answer to Versailles and Sans Soucis, this baroque palace (77 km south of Riga) was built between 1736 and 1767 for one of the Dukes of Kurzeme. Rundâle Palace is the most beautiful baroque palace in Latvia. The palace is an important example of the early work of Italian-Russian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli who also designed the famous Winter Palace in St.Petersburg. The professionally renovated palace interiors are decorated with authentic 18th cent. furniture, paintings and china. The palace boasts a beautiful French-style park. Thematic exhibitions are sometimes made in castle, as well some permanent exhibitions are fitted too.



Open Air Ethnogaphic Museum    

The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum is one of the show-pieces of Latvia's cultural heritage, founded in 1924. Situated 10 km from Riga centre in a pine forest on the banks of Jugla Lake, the museum consists of some 90 traditional rural buildings: farmhouses, windmills, fishermen's huts and churches. The charming, wooden, Lutheran church is one of the oldest, dating back to the 18 th century. Each edifice was selected as a perfect exemplar of its type in Latvia's diverse historical regions, dismantled, transported to Riga and re-erected at the museum. In some of the buildings, craftsmen work with time-honoured techniques and traditional equipment.





Specially protected cultural monument Turaida Museum Reserve is located 50 km north of Riga.One of the oldest visible castles in Latvia - Turaida castle - was built in 1214 for Riga Bishop and has experienced more warfare than most other medieval castles in Latvia. Turaida is a place which is well known for its beautiful environment and significant historical experience. Everybody who arrives in Turaida is convinced of the harmony of nature and creative work of the man and its inimitable impression. The territory of 41 ha of Museum Reserve is rich in the monuments of archeology, architecture, history and art which tell us about the events in the course of 1000 years starting with 11th century. There is marvellous view from its 27 metres high tower over the forested Gauja valley.



Rundale (4 hours)    
This tour takes to Rundale Palace, the most beautiful baroque palace in Latvia located near the town of Bauska (66 km south of Riga). The palace built in the 18th century is an outstanding example of the early work of Italian - Russian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli who also designed the famous Winter Palace in St.Petersburg. The professionally renovated palace interiors are decorated with authentic 18th century furniture, paintings and china. The most impressive are the Golden Hall, the White Hall, and the bedroom of the Duke of Courtland Johan Ernst Biron.

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